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Hat is an essential accessory for the outdoor type !


Stetson felt hat :
This Stetson hat, "made in the USA", which has the "adventure" look to it, reflects the kind of life that today's man leads. This hat is shock resistant, water resistant and can be folded or rolled up without losing its shape. A style which would be suitable for the town as well as in the heart of the countryside. (Available in 4 sizes : S-M-L-XL) 119/130€ inc. tax

Leather Pilot hat :

This pilot hat is identical to the one that Antoine de Saint Exupery wore, is made of soft leather and coated with a fine felt. It provides protection from the cold and bad weather conditions, whilst at the same time retaining a "retro" look which is simply irresistible. Essential accessory for the convertible car (S-M-L)- The model pictured is currently unavailable.

Genuine Pith Helmut :
Genuine pith helmet lined with cork, (very well insulated and also protecting against overheating) with a ventilation system. The edges are lined with a green coloured cloth (very easy on the eye)and the hat is longer at the back to protect the neck. Available in sand or white (sizes : 54-55-56-57-58-59-60-61) - The model pictured is currently unavailable.


Good choice of Australian hats in the "Indiana Jones" style, and in the Western or Cowboy styles.